The Kundalini mantra.


Lum vam ram vam hum sham om.


When saying this mantras , you see many things. These are distractors.


A flash of violet light, red light are good. These are misleading lights.


We get a sense of repulsion. Go against it. Be fortunate at the feet of gurus .


You meet or read good spiritual books. But they are of no use. Each individual has his own path.


Identifying your path is as difficult as chopping a mountain.


No guru can teach as self learning. Still chant the mantra.


You will hear some in identifiable sound. Note them go ahead.


Don’t stop. You will get too much of work. Stressful situations everywhere. Chaotic situation . These are distractors.


Forcible stops to your meditation. Fall sleep, fall sick. 


Go with the flow. Maybe one day you will realize something unknown , waiting for it to come.


I will know my objectives of this life. Don’t go behind money. If money is on the way accept it.


If no money , don’t give up. These are distractors. Go and finish till the end. l









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