I still remember the day, when i felt connected with the divine. It was a summer season, and for a quite long time, I been watching Mahabharat show on my smartphone. And i was about to complete my watching, It was the last episode of that show.

On that evening, there wasn’t much air so i decided to watch Mahabharat last episode inside my room. The room was dark, I turned on the small light and cooler for nice and cool air. Then I got comfortable on my bed, put on my head phones, and started watching Mahabharat on my phone. And i must say, that before this incidence i didn’t feel connected to god at all. I was just bowing down in front of god just because my mom has told me to do so. But after this incidence i guess i feel more connected to Him. 

So, when i was watching the last episode of Mahabharat, I was all alone i my room, It just so happen that in my room there is a picture of lord Krishna hanging on the wall. That picture been there for years. That picture was given to my Dad on his birthday by his friends, and when he got this gift i was there too. And that picture has seen my up’s and down’s of life. 

So, In the end of that episode Krishna come’s and says some words, like stay on the path of truth, always stay on the side of Dharma. And when he said this things, I don’t know what happen to me but i started crying by hearing these words by the way i am not the crying type of a person. But when i started crying i stopped looking at my phone. I put my phone aside, And i was still crying and looking around the room here and there, and suddenly that Lord Krishna’s picture caught my attention. I felt connected to that picture or i can say i felt connected to Krishna. I still remember that night perfectly. And i still don’t know why i was crying, but one thing was clear that, that i was feeling connected to Him. I felt that he was trying to give me that knowledge through these means. I don’t know if this make’s sense to you but i felt this way and i tried my best to put this experience into words, But it can’t be explained completely in words because that experience was extraordinary and it made me a completely different person. This experience completely changed me and after that day i was never the same person. 

And i still feel connected to Krishna, Whenever i want some solution about anything or i just want to talk to him, i just read Bhagwat Gita, and i surely find answers to any situation. And now i feel like Krishna is my best friend and at the same time more than a best friend. I feel he’s with me every time, and in every situation. This experience was the life changing experience for me. It changed me completely forever. 

Jai Shri Krishna 


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