I had heard so many stories about monkeys since childhood.

Whenever I visit any hill station,I always get to see many monkeys sitting on the side of road.

I live in a hostel and I share my room with Shruti,my roommate.One door of my room opens in the balcony outside.I am a person who likes to connect with the nature and I like to spend my quality time in the balcony.And of course after attending hour long classes,I use to spend my time in the balcony in the evening.

One fine day,it was overcast weather.It was a panoramic view.I was sitting in my balcony and I was reading something.I was so engaged in reading that I was ignorant of my surrounding.Suddenly,I turned my head towards my left and I saw a monkey ๐Ÿ’ standing over there.I was startled.I shouted and immediately ran inside the room.But I forgot to close the door.The door was slightly open.The monkey pulled the door and again appeared infront of me.I again shouted and ran out of the room.My roommate was sitting on her bed.She also shouted and ran out of the room.

All the girls staying in the nearby rooms came out of their rooms to see what had happened.My roommate called the warden to ask for help.But Warden did not pick up the call.

Me and my roommate were standing outside the room and constantly staring at monkey.The monkey jumped to my table and deranged all the books.Monkey even jumped on my bed and kept sitting over there.I was helpless and had no idea how to deal with that . Monkey was still in the room and we( me and my roommate) were sure that he was finding something to eat.My roommate had kept Pasta on her table which she had just received from the Cafe person.She was shouting ‘Please Mera Pasta Mat Kha Jana’๐Ÿ˜‚

Then one of my batchmates showed up the courage to face the monkey.She brought one long stick and showed it to the monkey and pretended as if she was going to beat him.The monkey saw this and immediately ran out of the room in the balcony.Now the monkey was out of the room and I immediately closed my balcony door.I thanked my batchmate.

Me and my batchmate were still standing out of the room and were staring at the mess that monkey had created.My roommate was thanking God that monkey did not eat her pasta.

I cleared all the mess.Then me and my roommate were discussing the whole incident and were laughing at it.

However,I still sit in my balcony but I remain much conscious of my surrounding now.I am still afraid of monkeys but I have learnt how to deal with them.

Do share your experience with the monkeys ๐Ÿ™‚

Live,Love, Laugh

Yours Ripandeep โค๏ธ