Hiiii friends, 

Today there is no story….i just wannaaa express my happiness…my gratitude….

Today I’m so so so happy..u know y??? Of course not…hahaha. sorry today I’m in heaven…i got confirmation mail from Swamiji’s office det i could meet Om Swamiji on 19th Nov. After 2years, Shri Hari ka bulava aaya….wowww wowww just wowww … I’m screaming, I’m dancing in my whole house. My 4yr. Daughter running behind me ..mummaa wt hpn wt hpn….so glad.

You know, befor 2 months my preschool got demolished. It’s like nightmare. It took 3 months hardwork to build. My father is farmer. I have worked in field even. N same after few years we all have worked hard in school to buipd to save money. sometimes i was mason. Even my 4yr daughter brought bricks n helping me. Painter said; up to 100k to paint color n we decided to do by ownself. We did colour. Whole school complete…it was looking like Desi Eco- School. Der is no open area preschool in Surat. It was my only. 

Last day, my mummy-papa, brothers we all sat together n talking det now finally we did it. Everyone’s eyes were glittering with joy, happiness abd satisfaction. Bro was saying” Didi now done hhh…ab hum hmare kam me dhyan de. Kl se school aapke hvale.” I said i never thought all will be easy and in short time. A lot gratitude to God, to my family for support, to my life partner to being my backbone. And most to Om Swamiji without his indirect guidance never put me here. 

That night i was too much happy…was dreaming.

But sudden, next day when i was in my office, i got legal notice from SMC to demolish construction. Land owner was interested in school and i refused his offer. I have clearly said that “This school is my dream n dis is not for income purpose. I want to give my community wt i can.”

But i couldn’t satisfied his male ego. N he gave us legal notice to demolish out construction in 7 days. They were 4 land owner and all were like gamblers. 

It’s all happen sudden. N school got demolished within a month and my 10yrs. balance other investment 30lakh vanished in a land. 

It’s not about lose of money, lose of hardwork, lose of reputation. It’s about then also i was smiling i was easy. I don’t know from where i got that braveness to tackle dis but i was taking dis quietly. I’m like in peace.

All are surprised. My mummy came to stay with me at my home to care of me. All took promise det “i will not commit suicide.” HaHaHa.

They don’t know I’m in under grace of Om Swami. They don’t know.

I could say just if i have never heard our Swamiji. I’ll not here to write dis post. Will not in dis world. 

I’m surrendering my whole life to Shri Hari feet. My gratitude to Om Swami. 

N as im happy today…. satve aasman pe. I will meet divine soul. Praying: me itni layk ho ki wo muje apne shishya k rup me swikar kre. Mere karma muje unke layk bnaye.

Jai Shri Hari🙏.