I don’t remember exactly but it was around 2004-2005. Me with my uncle’s family went to attend my cousin’s marriage in UP (Ghaziabad).Overwhelmed with the difference of language of U.P. and Haryana. It was sort of joint family and we all girls and boys were having Mattargashti amid festivities. My cousin narrated us a story of adjacent village where a woman lost her husband only after few odd days of their marriage.Post funeral rituals,the lady(widow) want to go to her paternal home. But the two young bloods in her In-laws family,her sister-in-law and brother-in-law put a choice in front of her that she can stay with them if she wants or whatever which  suits her best and make her life comfortable.Despite of her paternal family pressure she chose to be with her husband’s family throughout her life So it seems something beyond social relationships also exist in this universe.It is not always that our relationship should have a so called name then only it will be graceful.Its God wish and strong favour to help us with the type of relationships we want to Persue for our lifetime or at a moment. Divine Power upload us with courage to handle the society and the relationships which are out of the structure of the Society. My imagination go straight away to trio bond which I perceived as follows:
?Is the trio living with name above any relationship (Let it be independent and critical point of view of every individual)?🤔