An art where the artist and the art are one and the same,
Where without the dancer, dance cannot exist,
Without the enjoyer, enjoyment cannot take place,
Natrajan knows that quite well,
And hence his Tandava is the dance of destruction!!

For it is not destruction that it signifies but the state of absolute dissolution,
What is Nirvikalpa Samadhi?
A state where the meditator loses himself yet the state of meditation happens, [ as per my bookish knowledge.]

Where enjoyer and enjoyment become one,
Where action and the doer become one,
Where one cannot exist without the other!!!

This can only happen either in ultimate state of stillness,
Stillness of the heart, mind and emotion,
Or can happen only in a state of dance,
And what is life?
Indeed a dance isn’t it?
It starts with the multiplication of the cells which expand in a perfect formation, (geometry)
It then makes you dance in pain and enjoy in joy,
Well maybe the Natarajan is asking us to realise,
Let your heart dance with a that state of joy that you dissolve in joy,
Where there is no difference between you and joy,
Where you speak and joy flows out,
Where you exhale and joy blows out,
Where you see and joy blossoms,
Where you step and joy becomes the path,

Maybe the rotating and revolving thoughts of pain and sadness have weight,
But do you know the weight of devotion,
Devotion a state of heightened emotion filled with surrender, love and a desire to be guided,
Well it is a Blackhole,
Which gulps and swallows the pain and sadness in its pit,
To only surround it by light, because even light cannot escape the Blackhole,
And hence, The Grace, The blessings and the Light of the divine,
Can’t escape the swirling dancing ever expanding emotion of devotion,
It is the place where light will find its way through your heart,
Though you will be surrounded by darkness,
But inside; the light will be whirling and swirling around to wait for a wormhole or a channel to express itself to the outside world!!

-Vedant Ranadive
– 1:32pm
– 20th August 2020

The power of devotion is immense, from Ramkrishna Paramhansa Guruji to Om Swamiji have shown this power. One of the lessons I learnt when I was contemplating about devotion was, when it takes birth in you, an innate strong desire to help others takes birth in the heart. For it is a realisation that having devotion towards the creator only increases devotion towards his creation.

I read this once in Ramkrishna Paramhansa Guruji’s book somewhere about a story of three boys who were playing in the village and they came across a well full of bliss and joy. The first one saw it and went inside it, the second one did the same, but the third one saw it and went back to the village and brought everyone to the well of joy and bliss, this story which I have shortly paraphrased here is one of my favourite stories as it teaches me to share joy and to contribute in whatever manner to help and guide others. Primarily to invoke a sense of inspiration, for it is good to help someone to get up and give someone a hand, but it is better to help someone HELP THEMSELVES UP. 

I have experienced this at times when I have helped someone a sense of superiority or glorification comes naturally, but then I remind myself as per Swami Vivekananda’s terms, “Be grateful for the one you helped, and don’t expect him or her to thank you, for it was through his presence that you were able to exercise and perform a kind deed towards someone.”

I know I deviated from the topic, but in simple terms and as Swamiji says in many of his books, that, meditation is not a substitute for virtuous conduct. And devotion towards God naturally brings devotion towards his creation. The converse is also true, devotion expresses itself through a sense of service and hence the famous true saying, “Service To Humanity Is Service To God.”

Thank you so much for reading till here!! Have an amazing day ahead!! Grateful to all!!