Life -love invited for ever , the whole universe is bonded with ‘love ‘ only . Earth moves around the Sun and Moon moves around the earth and all planets move around sun because of “love “
The nature loves is unconditionally that is why it is providing all ingredients for survival , if we love to nature , positive vibration will be transmitted and it will return back to you in the same proportion and magnitude , we have three bodies ie physical , astral and spirit body . Our loved ones who are in spirit world helps us by their loving message and make correction in our life by showing us the correct path and direction in our life
Therefore , it is very very important that we should  transmit  fragrance of love to our surroundings it will definitely return back , we should also not forget to help the unfortunate beings as they are also the God’s  creation , if we help them , God will smile on us , pl see the further clarification as follows

“Real true love never dies .nor even after death on earth , love is greater than death , love is eternal . Death is just a transition- from one world to another from one body to another . Death is not at all something big but love is extraordinary “

Feel blessed

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