When I first moved to Costa Rica almost eleven years ago, I made a tiny little Caribbean town called Cahuita my home. There I hired a young man to take care of my yard.

As I got to know this Tico, I learned that he graduated at the top of his class from high school. He was cleaning my yard because the economy ebbed and flowed with tourism. At the time, there was nothing better available to him.

For a few months, I mentored him about life and spiritual things. Eventually, he became the employee I spent the most time with as he helped care for my home and my kids. Then one day, he showed up at my house very distressed. He asked to speak to me in private, and frankly, I thought someone had died.

We sat down at a concrete table in my yard, and he started to cry. He then told me that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, and thus, his life was over. God would supposedly hate him from here on out as he was having 1) sex outside of marriage and 2) a baby born “in sin.” He was a member of a very legalistic Christian doctrine, and they had brainwashed him well.

I explained to him that The Divine never made any rules and that every baby born has been ordained by God – it was a time to be happy (and responsible). I painted for him a photo of a beautiful family and what life could be like ahead. More than that, I assured him that God loved him not one ounce less.

He left that church. He (and his family) would end up living with me for two years. He’s one of the most trustworthy friends, employees, and disciples I’ve ever had!

That baby his pastor told him would be “born in sin” is the stunning, intelligent little girl on the right in the photo. The other two have come along since. In all my time here in Costa Rica, I’ve never met any children more kind or well-behaved. I haven’t found any more devoted parents either!

I’m in Cahuita today for the first time since the pandemic spreading Maharaj-ji’s love and laughter. We took the photo yesterday after watching the three kids play in the pool for an hour. As I sat there, fighting the tears, I thanked God for being God and not making any rules.

The dad just finished reading “Be Here Now” for the first time – he’s now on “Autobiography of a Yogi.” He’s teaching his children the principles therein. They just put a big photo of Maharaj-ji in their house. They still don’t have a marriage license from the government, yet God continues blessing and blessing!

Perfect things come from situations we humans tend sticker seriously imperfect! The correct response to everything is compassion and understanding.


Ram Ram,


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