My determined feet know how to get to the forest, like a way home.

One step after the other walking the snowy asphalt,

hand-made leg warmers rolling down my calves.

I see the tall Himalayan cedars getting closer, their long limbs swaying under the rhythm of the cold wind.

I want to move like that, with grace

instead I drink the poison of my own thoughts knowing they won’t stay long.

Breathe, Zephyr whispers. Breathe.

I synchronize the inhale/exhale with the one of the branches moving this way and that.



Then, like a flash in the dark night, a sparkle of light: I am the the microcosm in the macrocosm, I am me yet not separate from you and all elements of nature.

I lift my eyes, the blue sky is so inviting! Behind a fluffy cloud the warm sunshine hugs me, like a lost friend.

I wonder how Karna felt every morning saluting the sun, his father.

Even in the worst moments of chaos, be Arjuna ready to fight the battle in your own head,

find the courage to look up.

Abandon yourself like in a hammock,

let divine energy heal your terrestrial wounds.

Thank you for reading❤️

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