As the rain falls
on the heart of the earth
You’ve O master
filled my very being with love.
When the dawn breaks
I meditate on you
your beaming form
arises from the crown
like a fish to the ocean
before it surfs back down.

In ignorance a heavy price
I pay
a thorn a pebble
a diamond all the same
A shame it is then
to reduce the sublime
to the mundane.

O Lord, blind to your glory
to your play
to the vastness of your scale
when such beauty exists
in the sweet utterance
of your name.

O Enlightened One
grant me your eyes
this existence is a reality
the mind can’t separate the two.
It is when you speak of truth
of the highest good
do rivulets of grace
carry with it
aeons of fears
and sorrows so deep.

O master of three worlds
please pardon my sins
I worship you
as man and God
not knowing
alas, you are both.

In the quiet evening
as I wave a lamp
to your frame
there leaps from the flames
a picture of you
a swish of black
a flash of fair pink
And there it is
man and stone merged
four armed… saviour, messiah all rolled into one.