I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉 Wishing you love, good health and peace🙏Hari Om🕉

I have had the beautiful opportunity to visit Maa Anandmayee’s Ashram at Kamarhati,Agarpara, Kolkata in the year 2015. It’s beautifully situated on the Western bank of the Ganga.The energies of the place are extremely peaceful and serene. I also managed to see her room that is very sacredly kept and one can feel her Divine presence profoundly in it. Someday shall share the experience. 

Maa Anandamayee  had a captivating style and intimate way of story-telling, to make one understand the bigger truth of the Soul journey and listeners would feel gratified with this rare treat.

 It was refreshing to read a beautiful story narrated by Maa and felt like sharing it here. The story enlightens us to the understandings of  the  ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of all our experiences we encounter in life. 


A short story by Maa…

Somewhere a person died, and it was decided by his friends and relatives to perform the last rites on the bank of the Ganga which was a long way off.

It was night time. When the dead body was being carried to the distant cremation ground, a lashing storm attended with torrential rain broke out making further progress impossible. The bier-carriers had no other alternative than to leave the bier with the corpse on the road and run for shelter.

On reaching there they fell asleep due to extreme fatigue. Not far from this place there lived a very old and destitute woman whose condition due to prolonged illness was very serious at that time. She had a long- cherished desire to breathe her last on the bank of Ganga, but how it could be possible she knew not.

Then in that night of rain and storm, she heard about that dead body left temporarily due to inclement weather.

This she thought to be a God-gifted opportunity which she decided to avail of. She somehow went near the forsaken bier, managed to unfasten the dead body and drag it to nearby nallah (drain) full of water.

She then took the place of the dead body on the bier, covered herself fully with a cloth and lay still After sometime when the weather was clear, the carriers of the bier returned and raised the bier on their shoulders without a semblance of suspicion of any foul play in their mind and proceeded towards the cremation ground.

On reaching the bank of the Ganga, they started making necessary arrangements for performing the last rites. In the meanwhile the old woman breathed her last. In this way, her desire was fulfilled as it was destined to be.

Ma then ended the story with the following conclusion: “God in His supreme kindness and infinite compassion makes whatever arrangements are necessary for the bestowal of anything that is lotted to each one of us just at the proper time and place.”

What an excellent conclusion and teaching which, once heard, remains engraved for ever in the listener’s heart! The lesson, therefore, that one should draw and abide by is that we will never be deprived of anything that has been allotted to us by God.

But alas, what a pity it is that we cannot keep ourselves satisfied with this Divine Promise, as we are by nature prone to take it as uncertain. This leaves us fussing and fretting for the non-achievement of anything or for that matter that we think we are entitled to have at any self-chosen hour.

This reminds us of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s immortal words:
“What we want, we want in error; what we get we want

Joy Maa

Isn’t it true that the battles of life , big or small are either won by faith or is lost or delayed by increased self doubt and fear of the unknown.

Let’s refrain from tainting and limiting our own mental abilities. ‘ May we all find ourselves beautifully ’🙏🕉

Blessed times to all my OS family and  readers. Thank you for your time.

Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

Siddhika Umesh