Of Problems…

It’s About Your Attitude

I don’t know if you have noticed, but everything we do or don’t do, want or don’t want, like or dislike—is a problem for us! No? Haven’t you noticed how we see everything as a problem? If something happens, that’s a problem; if nothing happens, that’s a greater problem! 

I have a friend. He is my student too. He has recently fallen in love. But already he has made it a huge problem. He is having trouble sleeping due to excessive negative thoughts. Although he is about my age, I couldn’t help but smile in my mind at his childishness and immaturity. 

But, I’ve seen, we all have this issue. If somebody says something, that’s a problem. If somebody doesn’t say something, that’s also a great problem. Something similar happens to me a lot. As I am a man of few words ( I speak little), my family members don’t like me that much. I’ve barely heard them praising me ever; or about me to someone. They only point out my mistakes and never support any of my decisions. Although I’ve grown accustomed to it, as a child if you grow up with such unsupportive and verbally violent people, that’s a huge pain. I wish nobody goes through such inhuman treatment. It’s criminal in many ways. Anyway. 

There are lakhs of youngsters who are suffering because they are unemployed. At the same time, there are those like me who are suffering their jobs. It’s a vicious trap, you know. To work everyday without having any sense of fulfillment just for our survival is a torture in a way. And we go through this torture. Everybody doesn’t have the means and courage to change their situation and build a different life for themselves. 

There are people who are married and are suffering in their family life. There are those who are desperate to have a partner and build a family. They are suffering because they are lonely. There are those who are crying because they don’t have any children. But again, there are also those who are abandoned by their own children and are suffering that. 

Like this, we see contradictions everywhere. We can suffer just about anything. Such is our ingenuity! But what we need to change this hilarious situation ( to me it’s hilarious) of ours is a simple shift in our perspective. If we just change our attitude a little bit, actually everything will change. Haven’t you heard the wise men say—

yatha drishti tatha srishti!

The way you look upon this world and your life, your experience becomes like that. And it’s fairly understandable. It’s no rocket science. It’s we who give meaning to everything. If we change the meaning, the whole narrative changes. 

Thank you.
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