For a believer as the intensity of his faith increases, the feeling that everything happens for his own good takes hold.

Even a hurt is seen as a lesson to be learnt and turmoil is God’s way of uplifting a being to higher planes of wisdom. There is not much room for complaint ever again. Life is taken as a celebration and everything a precious gift.

But even for a heart filled with gratitude and love, a heart filled with surrender there are its days of gloom and restlessness.

It was on one such days that my heart was shown a simple way out…

The inner voice placed before me an analogy of a curtain and said there is always something before the curtain and behind the curtain.

If that curtain can be called ignorance, behind it is the Bliss of the Supreme and Pure Wisdom. 

A normal life will always take the easy route and just see what is appearing effortlessly before it. The people, things, movements, actions, drama, etc all happening before its eyes.

But right behind this activity is a curtain and right behind that curtain is the unchanging truth. Only a believer will look for it..

Closing my eyes and dwelling on my dearest Master for a moment, I pulled away this curtain

All I could experience was the brightest light that drowned everything including what was for a moment before seen to my eyes. The drama, my feelings, the activity all disappeared in no time and it was just a torrent of that pleasant light dipping my being in happiness. It conveyed without saying a word and to this divine silence my heart surrendered.

This eternal blissful light of wisdom is there forever and when the deeper meaning of anything is needed, all we need to do is pull the curtain.

Most of the realised ones maybe have discarded that curtain and cannot ever see the superficial drama. For a seeker like me as long as I am unaffected by the drama, everything is alright. But once something pinches me, then this curtain has to be pulled open and the true nothingness of everything experienced.

Maybe one moment one day by His Grace this curtain of ignorance will be removed forever and all I will hold is eternal bliss. Until then, a reminder once in a while, that the truth lies behind this curtain.