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Avatar of narendra kotwal
Of College Days and Beyond

When my favourite high school teacher reached out to me

Avatar of kunal
Jaisalmer to London!

A journey within ones self ...

Avatar of jasmin om brar
Copper Chronicles

The scrutiny of the shine...

Avatar of richa pant

which is eternal

Avatar of taahira kisna
Tulsi : Do we know all

Mai Tulsi Tere Angan Ki: Just A Line Or Mythological Evidence: Truth Decoded.

Avatar of chander om
The Plant of My Life

An analogy for my life and Swamiji's influence on it

Avatar of rajesh kodukula

From the mouth of the Premordal-Premival Divine Energy who manifests Herself as a Form.

Avatar of snigdha
ब्रह्म – ज्ञान

माया से महामाया की ओर।

Avatar of snigdha
Two Birds on a Tree

The Beginning of the search within.

Avatar of pariselvakumar panneerselvam

A break-up story:

Avatar of riya raj
Do You Carry the Guilt?

Handling guilt can be challenging

Avatar of shalini pandey
You Are Art Within Yourself

A poem on self-love and finding inspiration within self

Avatar of chitrotpala chaitali dash
Smile for a while

Generous kindness is beautiful!!! Magical to feel

Avatar of priyanka gupta
The Source

Why did I even begin in a way, that I lost contact with my...

Avatar of shivani om aggarwal