What is pain? I believe it is a strong emotion,
So strong it crushes hearts,
So strong it pierces my heart.
Is the suffering that somebody is going through, going to lessen by my words at all?

What is pain?
Is it me crying all night knowing the truth?
Is it them who are going through it, in closeness?

Pain. Those young tots bereaved of the Hero of their life.
Can I even understand their pain?
I can not even put myself in their shoes.

I take a pledge, I will fill them with positivity and warmth.
I can not make fake promises, miles make the promises shallow.
I can not give false hopes to those young hearts, I will hold their hands and sail through.

What is pain? The burning eyes and the aching heart, 
Some are too naive, too gentle to understand pain.
Nobody can talk them out of it, can not help them detach.
We were all tender once, when a best friend leaving the town was heartbreaking much.
Nobody can tell them it is going to be alright, there is hope, see above and beyond.

Do we understand the pain?
No, I can not. I can read and practice but can not teach.
I do not know their pain. The piercing pain.
My heart aches, I can not comfort them.

I felt the pain. What did I do?
Distracted in things, people, activities.
I let the tears roll, I isolated, I isolated internally.
Put the smile on, I entered the world.
It felt selfish, it was fake for I can not feel their pain.

What is pain? You ask them,
Look in their eyes, you have your answer.


(I appreciate that you read this, I apologize for I will not be engaging in comments though comments are on. I find this shallow, to just sit in my comfort. Have my gratitude for your kindness 🙏🏼)