It exists, I know it does,

There, where one is at everlasting bliss and peace,

It can be reached, I am on the path,

That, which I discover and try piece by piece.


It exists, a place where thoughts soar high,

As any bird ever did in the sky,

Where one’s heart would overflow with joy,

With powerful wings would the mind fly.


It exists, where there is only one,

Yet there are all, though none is desired,

There, where desires know no existence,

Where nothing is ever lost and nothing ever acquired.


It exists, that state of permanence,

Of there and here, of the past, future and present,

Where, change never is and yet is always,

There, which none can represent.


It exists, I know it does,

Those great souls who reside there have told,

To reach where, one needs go nowhere,

Just be true and bold.


It exists, I yearn to reach there,

Or rather find it here and now,

Move to that state of eternal peace,

I wish I’d knew just how.

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