I always wonder how little things sometimes give us profound insights! I have heard that there are angels all around us trying to tell us the right things, show us the right signs that we need at the right time to be on the right path, always.

It is just that we are too busy looking for something or the other but for these signs. We are in a continuous non-stop rush, running in a circular circuit, constantly driven by the need to hustle. Always in ‘play‘ mode! We don’t have the time to ‘pause and play‘, stop, quiet down, meditate, introspect, increase the level of our consciousness and vibrate at a frequency at which these subtle signals become accessible and clear to us!

I have witnessed hundreds and hundreds of such incidents all my life (I am sure this is true in everyone’s life, too), where I have realised how I just missed, sometimes consciously, discounted and ignored those little signs all around me that were staring me right in the eyes. Alas! This realisation hits only after the evitable has become inevitable and the downstream events have already unfolded, damage already done!

A small incident this morning that triggered me to write this blog today. Just this morning, a small insignificant ‘nok-jhok’ (act-react) happened in the family that makes me realise how when ego wakes up, we react in ways that we regret later. Then, I open my phone, randomly choose to see a video that had probably been forwarded to me by a friend a couple of days back. And what do I see? A small six-year-old German girl Lalitha narrating an incident from ‘her life’, (in her cute accent, using unpronounceable words for her age) that makes her realise how demonic behaviour creeps in due to ego!

‘Her life’ — just a 6-year-long life —she has realised this profound insight and decided to share with the entire world. She seems like The Sakshat Goddess Lalitamba to me! And guess what? Another good friend tells me, “Happy Lalita Jayanthi!”Incidentally, today is Lalita Jayanthi and The Goddess has sent her message to us on this auspicious day —‘Shed your ego’! 😊

This is a typical ‘sign’ to ‘pause and play’ 🙂

I have come to realise that with constant ‘pause and play’, three things start to happen:

1. The gap between our ‘could have been avoided’ kind of actions/reactions and the ‘regret for those actions’ start getting reduced. We start to become aware  much faster. We start to bounce back sooner

2. Slowly we start noticing instances where we have become ‘aware’ just in time and have actually ‘refrained from/avoided’ our action/reaction that otherwise would have turned out to be adverse

3. There is a general sense of calm and lightness that slowly comes waltzing into our life without our knowledge. We notice it only when someone points it out sometimes

There is no way to express that feeling of ‘awareness, that dawns, after every cycle of ‘pause and play’! It is like a feeling of homecoming, knowing that “I am home” where I always belonged, I just wander off a bit every now and then! 🙂

And, Happy Lalita Jayanthi to you all – my Osji Family! 🙏

– Vyjayanthi Mala (Energy | Inspiration | Love)