Namastey and Jai shri hari to everyone,

Yesterday…I was randomly checking  for some self help videos on youtube  &  I come across this beautiful video by Mr.Jim Rohn. Some of his quotes simply reminded me Swamiji’s wisdom he often shares through various videos and it sounds almost identical. It appeared to me the summary of various Swamiji’s discourses on self development/skills

  I would encourage everyone to watch this video especially youngsters : Personal Development | Powerful Jim Rohn Motivational Compilation   

Link —

here are few quotes  from the video:

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you work on your job”…Simply means making yourself more valuable by enhancing your language skills, your personality, your attitude, your philosophy .

” Not to search for the exotic untill you search the basic”.

” What you are at the moment in your life you have attracted by the person you have become”.

“Take responsibility of your life and happenings…don’t wish it easier, don’t wish for less problems, but wish for more skills”.

here is a great message he gives  : we all must suffer 2 pains in life : PAIN OF DISCIPLINE  OR PAIN OF REGRETS… its our choice..


thanks for reading, I only shared with a hope that it will inspire at least few of us



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