Video games are a thing in our day and age. Many in my generation play Pubg and when I see them always glued to their phones, I wish to throw them away with their phones. Just kidding.

I usually play games with a set story. And, I like those games in which we get a certain level of independence; where the actions of the player can change the dynamics of how the game shall proceed. Basically, the video games where the bosses you fight, the sub-characters you meet and the story-line isĀ  definite but not what happens in-between.

If I help a boatman, that boatman may help me back later in the game. If I leave the boatman, I can miss on a secret route to the castle. If I take one route to the castle, I meet a certain set of problems and opportunities, and if I take the other route, I meet totally new set of problems and opportunities. I believe, likewise, life has certain milestones which may be destined, but it is full of possibilities which we can always decide on.



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