Note: I had no desire to write this part of my life, but Meera ji asked me to write so I am writing this. So if you like this post, all credit goes to Meera ji πŸ™‚

I was in class 3rd (2010). One day, in the class, I bent down to pick up eraser, a girl also bent, I saw her and was hit by cupid’s arrow then and there πŸ˜…. Short description of my nature-book worm, cry baby,physically weak, day dreamer, not many friends, simple, focused on studies and fulfilling expectations of parents, among the class toppers. Back to the story, I began liking that girl (I will not be mentioning her name) and kept day dreaming of her. I would try to talk to her if possible. Nothing significant happened that year.

I started moving towards her more in class 4th. I liked to see her smile, her glittering eyes, liked her sweet voice. We were made to sit in class according to our roll no.s. We sat very far. So, I would exchange my place with someone who sat around her as soon as the first class ended πŸ˜›. Sometimes, she would chatter continuously and I would listen because I liked her voice ☺️. I was simple child and had no idea about such things. My two friends were simpler than me. So, I expanded my friend circle. Now it included the rowdy and smart boys of the class. It was very easy to get new friends as I was good at studies (best in boys) and this one quality helped me. I learnt all the foul language and the behaviour which suits smart boys from them. Till then, nobody knew about my one sided love. That year (2011), annual function was organized in our school.(It was a convent school) Neither did she participate in any dance nor did I. During the preparations, I would get plenty of time to spend with her as there were few students in class πŸ˜‰ (she didn’t knew I loved her, I was just another good friend). Later, teachers selected the non-participant students for a short act. She was selected for lead role. I was also selected (but not as lead). Have you heard the story of king who gives boiled seeds to young men who desire to marry his beautiful daughter? I was selected as one of those young men. So, I got the golden opportunity to be around her all day πŸ˜…. I often felt jealous when I saw her talking to any other boys πŸ˜‚. On the day of function, she looked no less than a bride (at least to me) in her red lahanga 😍. I clicked her photo with my eyes and got it framed in my mind. From next day, winter vacation began. I would remain in blanket even after getting up early and would recall her image πŸ˜….

4th class also passed and we entered 5th class. Days were passing just like this in this one sided love. I remained just a good friend. During those days, the seniors in my school bus used to play love songs. So listening to them, I also learnt those. In free time I would think of her and would sing songs. Then in 5th class, I mean in winters of 2012, I decided to propose her. One day, during lunch time, when I was with my smart (now I think it was over-smart πŸ˜…) boys group on one corner of basketball court under neem tree, I told my friends that I loved her. Their reaction? They began hooting “Oh ho… oh ho…oh ho… ” continuously πŸ˜…. I was a little blushing πŸ˜›. I was a simple boy and such a declaration by me was like breaking news. I told them not to tell her as I was going to propose her myself. When the school got over I tried very hard to find her bus, but I failed. So, whole day I was wondering, how would I propose her. What would I say. πŸ˜…

The next day, when I reached the school excitedly, I got a great shock!!! What ? Let’s keep it for next part πŸ˜‰

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