God is there in everything..

Be it a flower, or a plant, or a tree

Be it a bird or an animal

Be it a star or a moon or a sun

Be it a human being…

God is present

In every single particle…

God is the creator of this

Beautiful earth….

Then why so many doubts and questions

On his existence…

He is present in everything

Who believes in God

And feel the presence in unique ways

Planned and planted by God

In his life…

And to those who deny

The existence of God

O I pray thee

To shower some grace upon them

See your beauty

In their closed hearts

They do so deny

They never felt presence of your’s

Because for not

 Having heart to heart

Connection with God.

Making an effort

To connect with God

To feel him

Walk with him

Love him

Only happens

Alone with the grace of God.

Connecting with the source is divine as we begin to connect we are filled love and goodness and divine vibrations of God in our being. We feel ever happy and radiate that happiness all around in our surroundings in most simple ways.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

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