Society is sick, we are all in mental intensive care units trying to breathe with the help of oxygen & artificial respirators, with all the misery of covid 19 pestilence, conflicts, and wars in the past 2 years, I would like to describe our eras condition in Charles dickens( a great novelist) words – 

“The twenty-first century is the best time if one considers the so-called scientific developments and the worst of times when one critically looks at human development.”

Last month my father was in the hospital, we had to operate on him for angioplasty, and stent insertion was done which cost us nearly ₹2,50,000 Indian rupees, luckily father had a Mediclaim to claim so no blame game, but if I look closely to this scenario with all the security, comforts, a luxury we are coming back to animal instincts and perhaps even worse by indulging our Senses in activities which can harm us in the long run.
E.g. 2yrs ago My Good student and patient Raj Mondal was admitted to hospital for bypass, after surgery doctors suggested to not consume fish as it may cause death as his arteries were weak and vulnerable to blockage again resulting in death
For six months he resisted the impulse of eating fish adopting a healthy and natural lifestyle, luckily he survived, unfortunately from nowhere one day he had a tasty meal of Bengali fish curry and the next day a sudden heart attack and Raj Mondal took his last breath on that day.

As a Yoga coach, counsellor & teacher, I every day meet people who are going through some disorders or discomfort and feel sad to find out the so-called quick solution fix, and we are in no way concerned with correcting the deep-rooted cause of these problems, we are stuck with surgeries, medicines, drugs, therapies, antibiotics and what not.

we are running around for quick fixes instead of believing in health through natural measures like inculcating ancient Indian system teachings of Ayurveda for the physical body and holistic ancient fitness discipline of Yogic practices for mental and emotional health too.
Every genre of health & healing practices has its way of working, the key is not denying the existence of these practices but accepting our habits and change gracefully considering the natural way of healing a priority too.

How do we go about it?
rights habits, moral values, truth, ethics, spiritual nature, natural living and social responsibilities will make way for a great society that will consider health not just in terms of physical looks but also embrace a holistic way of living.

Let’s build a hospital and society of service and sociability I know it sounds absurd but at least from now let’s pledge to take human life as a gift of the divine to do some extraordinary karmas(actions) for & with health and harmony.

The first step to a solution is YOU
Adopt Nature, Know your psychology, and live with love and integrity and You will make a world of a difference wherever you are.
And remember there is no quick fix.
Take medications but believe in the power of the human body for health and healing too.

Heal slowly, deeply and fully.

Love & Peace,