This week I have been thinking about the nature of soul. I don’t know how it  connects with mind and body. I have learned that soul is that which illumins Brain.I also wanted to know When does soul enters in mother’s womb? Anyway thoughts or insight on this would be highly helpful for me to understand and analyze my ideas on moving forward.

I have learned that after death. Soul exit out of the gross body taking the karmic impression, ego, intellect etc with it. It would be fulfilling to know what happens to the soul after that. Garud purana says very long and detailed process about death whereas there seems a variation in truth between every realized sage about the journey of soul after death. Is there a one truth or different?

Since I am new on this spiritual path. There is a lot of question from me than answers. I’m sorry about that. I have been reading gita, upanishads lately but I haven’t got the knowledge about exact composition and nature of soul. In Gita , shri Krishna told he is situated in every souls and through bhakti, Gyan, dhyan and karma we can know him. Maybe I have to perfect myself on these path and know more about soul. To all my friends reading this can you please tell me what do you think about the composition of soul. How it is made? I know it doesn’t have form, it can’t be burnt,it can’t be wet. Is it some kind of wave or energy that has special character embedded on it? 



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