Today I thought of writing a beautiful topic but all that’s going on in my head is my parents and their fight that they just had. After their every fight my genes too start fighting with one another and poses me so many questions that my mind becomes the chatterbox and takes over. At first I didn’t want to  write today because my mood went downhill but to keep up with my new writing habit I want to inculcate, I thought of writing what’s spinning in my head like a whirlpool and also that my questions might get an answers which I have been ignoring since my very childhood. 

Why on earth two people become parents when they themselves are not complete as persons in themselves?

Why there is no law which can check eligibility of two people for becoming parents just like the tests are held for becoming teachers,  doctors,  engineers,  lawyers,  drivers , chefs, etc? Isn’t becoming a parent not a great great responsibility?

Was I made out of pure love or lust or family pressure? My existence always poses me this question whenever I see them fighting. 

Why the same blood, genes, and other raw material running in me and my parents don’t signal them that I hate them when they fight!?

Why do they have big ego issues?

Why they can’t love each other purely and think of us?

Why they love playing blame games?

Did they gave us birth to just fill entertainment in their lives?

Why don’t they understand that loving us is not just confined to caring for our physical needs, our clothings,  education and other responsibilities?

Why they don’t know that we are learning poor management of relationships from them?

Why they don’t know that we absorb each of their vibes?

I think fights of the parents are worst than UV rays, they burn you for eternity even after they will be gone and enjoying their next births. We as children suffer, suffer a lot in this big huge world, which is new to us. I hope all parents reading this might not mistake their children’s calm disposition for their happiness.  We suffer under silence and fake smiles. 

Sorry if I hurted anyone with my wrathful words and rage. 

God bless🙏🙏🙏 May my parents and all the parents find peace and love. 


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