As I was checking out my RARE activities for the day in BL meditation app, I came across that I need to Express Gratitude to our helpers. It’s not that I don’t do, I do it every time, every day and even sometimes to the smallest act of theirs, I remain ever grateful to them for their services, and try to revert in whatever way possible.

I have seen my mummy from my childhood going overboard to whosoever came in need, any helper or even sometimes outsider. She will not think twice, rather make them sit, listen to them, make tea and offer snack or parantha, and handover some money. I remember once our dhobi came worried to her and he told that someone of his family, may be daughter, was getting married and he is under debt. Can you guess what why mom did? She bought a refrigerator and gifted him. And once she bought bike for someone. If someone was sick, she will help in medication etc. Even beggars did not go empty handed. She had such a big heart. And to your surprise, she was not a working lady but a housewife. Yes! But, still she had plenty to give. The domestic help, Lata, at my mummy’s house at Kanpur is nearly from 30 years or so. Though, my mummy has left this world, Lata is still giving her services. Her daughter, Aarti, does most of the work now, as Lata is also aging, keeps the house spick and span and take care of my papa’s needs. Words are less to express my thanks to them. Thank you Aarti, Thank you Lata.

So, today, I thought I will express my gratitude in writing to one more beautiful soul, Radhika, and let the world know about her.

Radhika, my household helper, joined in my quarters last October in 2020 during Navratris. Since then, she has been giving her services flawlessly. Though she has two small kids, one 3.7 years old boy and other 1.1 years old girl, she never fails to deliver her excellent work. She balances her family and job effortlessly to make my life easier.

She is ever smiling, hardworking, super talented, extremely helpful, very kind, brave-hearted, great cook, good beautician, full of creativity and ideas and fond of listening to music especially Hindi songs.  

She is very trustworthy. I give her my house keys whenever I have to go out and I am relaxed that everything would be clean and orderly and most importantly secured.

She is full of creativity. She will lay out the table nicely and show her talent in decorating salads. She makes beautiful rangolis.

Radhika 2 Rangoli made by Radhika

She is full of ideas and she never fails to give surprises. On Christmas Day, she made cakes at her house and told that one is for us. When I asked her when did she do that? She told that she was awake till 4 am in the morning. Her kids were asleep so there was no one to disturb her. I asked her what about her sleep? She started laughing. I was highly touched. And she made our day fabulous.

Radhika 3 Cakes baked by Radhika
Radhika 4 Radhika and her daughter, Aarvi

She helps people in need. Once our janitor rang our door bell who was bleeding heavily as she got cut by some broken glass piece. I immediately brought cotton and Dettol, but Radhika sat down on floor, cleaned and dressed her wound. How gently she was soothing her cut was a sight to behold. We offered her juice later. Her gesture of kindness is beyond words.

Her kids are as beautiful at heart as she is. Always smiling and giggling. At this tender age also, Nihaal, her son, is so contended. Aarvi, her daughter, is the cutest. Rija loves playing with them. Rija often invites Nihaal to have meals with her. Rajesh and I always tell her and her husband to educate them and Rajesh has also offered them to help financially. But, they are embodiment of self-respect and righteousness. They want to work hard and earn.

Radhika 5 Aarvi, Nihaal and Rija enjoying coloring

Her simplicity is very attractive. She expresses her love in her work. Her thoughtfulness and excellent demeanour is a gift I will always treasure. I am ever humbled and grateful to her. May Divine Grace be with her and her family and I pray to Swamiji that her kids make her feel proud one day.

Radhika 6 THANK YOU Radhika


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