A former Chief Minister of Bihar, famous for his antics, came from a poor family.
But instead of making the lives of penurious better, he misused his position and amassed lot of unethical money.

Although most of our government officers, politicians had humble origins, sadly they have become megalomaniac, callous.
They ensconce themselves in air conditioner rooms, amidst all the luxuries and have lost touch with the commoners, ground realities.

The following write-up of mine is dedicated to a dutiful bank officer.

With the death of my father in law – an Indian Air Force Officer, my mother in law was entitled to the family pension.

I prepared the required documents and submitted them to the appropriate authorities.

Once, in connection with some rectification in the fixation of pension, I went to Mr. Rahi, a young officer with the State Bank of India, Air force station branch. 

I pointed out the goof to him, requested him to correct the same as soon as possible.

He promised me that by all means, he would do the needful within a day.

True to his word, Mr Rahi made the corrections within the specified period.

Impressed with his sincerity, I went to his house to thank him.

Over a cup of tea, he said, “Sir, I want to show you something.”

“Sure Rahi ji.” I said.

He got up, after some time brought a small steel trunk.

He then opened it.
In it there was an old shepherd’s cloak of cotton.

“Sir, my father was a shepherd in Himachal Pradesh.
Before joining the bank, I also helped my father in taking care of our sheep.
This is the shepherd’s garment I wore in those days.
Sir, position, prestige, power are dangerous things for the unwary man.
They raise one high and pull him down to the dust as well. Prosperity and plenty, authority and respect turn a man’s head and take him away from the straight path.
He alone remains humble, incorruptible who constantly remembers who he was before his fortune smiled upon him.
So I have retained this old cloak of mine to remind me of my former life.
I look at it every night so that I may not forget my origins in the intoxication of my position, glory.
As I am well aware of the problems that an ordinary man encounters, I try my best to resolve them without any delay.” he said, emotionally.

I stood up, hugged him.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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