You know what I feel guilty most of the time, for most of the things. Sometimes for those things which are not in my control. I feel guilty if I don’t complete my office tasks on time, I feel guilty if I don’t study, I feel guilty if I don’t read, I feel guilty if I don’t meditate, I feel guilty if I don’t help someone especially after committing and so on. One thing I am learning is don’t make commitments for  future because you don’t know what  future has for you. I do this most of the time because I am the one who creates these kinds of situations and when I find myself in a jail of guilt then I search for people to get me out.

Yeah, I punish myself for those guilty feelings. Oh! I don’t hurt myself or do some crazy stuff that young people do these days, I just feel stressed most of the time. I overthink about that which is worst. We all feel these kinds of things at some point in our life and it’s not very easy. According to me guilt comes When we give our words to someone and we don’t do, we make some promises to ourselves which we don’t do sometimes, and so on. There will be so many things. Sometimes I feel I am doing so many things which are creating only one thing which is a mess. The mess of thoughts only increasing a complexity. You know simple things are good. When we are making commitments we should be practical or we should be open to every possibility. I think I need to re-read my article for getting some inspiration. We cannot do everything at the same time but we can do everything in our life. As Swami Ji says, do one thing at a time. I know in this modern era we need to be multi-tasking people but one thing at a time. We can try at least. Help everyone but take care of yourself. There are many ways of helping others just choose wisely. Don’t make commitments for the future at least when you are not sure. Sometimes we get so emotional after knowing the condition of another person and we try to give hope with our words but be mindful because that person may ask you for doing that. When you don’t do that then you  break a heart of another person and that send you into a jail of guilt. So, be careful.

Take it easy. Live your life.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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