The living
And the lifeless
The tasteless 
Into nothingness
(Which don’t smell like apples)

The water
Air, earth and fire
Each atom in the universe
Is integral 
To celestial body
And the consciousness

The unfathomable landscape
Of space and time
The generous gifts 
Of imagination 
And rhyme.

Here again I have come up with a poem for you all. I believe it will make sense.

Only if we learn to revere the vastness and beauty of the purpose of our being on the planet. Looking at everything with a cold logic and practical eye nullifies the very opportunity to perceive the divinity which the almighty wishes to offer. Life is not just about the so-called living beings but everything the nature has created throbs with consciousness of life.
Only if we can make sense of the elements of which we have made up of. Life has gifted us generously and has so much to offer but we have confined ourselves to our minds which has led us to doors of an endless misery and slavery. 

Let’s not extend a cold eye to the beauty of the nature and what it has gifted us in order to open the way to the paradise…🙏



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