3. Parmarth Niketan- It is a very beautiful Ashram situated in Rishikesh. It is also the biggest Ashram of Rishikesh. It has a lot of beautiful gardens in it. Many spiritual and religious activities like yoga, satsangs, meditation, prayers and kirtans are performed here daily. The Ganga Aarti which is performed here is very famous. This Ashram also has a very big idol of Mahadev meditating, which is established on a pedestal(that is built on a platform) above the Ganga River. 

4. Madhuban Ashram- This Ashram is dedicated to Krishan Ji. It follows ISKCON Society! That’s why it’s also known as ISKCON Temple. This Ashram is located at another iconic location of Rishikesh which is known as Muni Ki Reti. It is a very unique Ashram as it has its own restaurant, laundry/ dry cleaning service along with living accommodation as well.

5. Swarg Ashram- This Ashram is basically a spiritual complex housing a lot of temples, stores, shops, libraries, cafes, restaurants, dispensaries, parks and meditation centers. It is located near Ram Jhula and this Jhula (suspension bridge) is also very iconic along with Lakshman Jhula. The Ganga Aarti performed in this Ashram is also very famous. 

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