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It was around 6 PM and she had died from cancer. Before this point of time, she had some name but now everyone is calling her body

Her younger son who was around 24 years old was crying incessantly. Her elder son lives in a different country who’s still unaware of his mother’s death. 

Her husband is looking for an ambulance, who is charging 1000 ₹ to carry the body at home. But her husband is saying, it’s too much. 

They came hospital early morning in 900 ₹ but he is charging 1000 ₹. 

In another picture, her younger son was gathering courage, so he could tell his brother that their mother was no more. 

His mausi and friend who was there in the hospital at that time, telling him not to tell his elder brother about his mother’s death. Instead, it’s better to say that her health is extremely bad so you have to come. 

But her younger son was not willing to hide, maybe he was fearful if and when his brother came home, unprepared, not knowing her death could not handle immediately. 

So the younger son finally told his brother, 

“Bhaiya, Bhaiya, Dhyan se ek bat sunna, Mummy nahi rahi”

There was a pause of millisecond, as a peace before a huge storm. 

The elder brother urgently asked his company to book a flight to come home. 

His flight had to be landed around 3:45 am. 

Here, the body had reached home, everyone was consoling her younger son and her husband. 

Body is gate is nahi, dusre wale gate is andar lelo, morning me isi gate se bahar gaye the” Her husband said, 

Now it was around 8 PM and she was lying peacefully, only around her, many people were crying. 

Her younger son was a little sensitive, he’s not getting any idea what had happened and how. 

He was thinking like, my mother was never like this, she’s lying very weirdly. It’s so horrible. 

He saw death, in newspapers, movies, and TV serials but this was the first time, he encountered death directly. 

There were many people who had come already, some were crying and some were asking about how this happened. 

There were also many people who were feeling petty for all three male members. 

“How will this handle now, the elder son has to urgently marry. Otherwise, how will they cook and then what will they eat now.”

There also came one person who person to assist or help in completing the last rites who was very insincere, maybe because he had been habitual of seeing death many times and can’t understand the pain of the family. 

Different people were giving a different opinion, seems like everyone had got one spirit of PANDIT, who were suggesting, like when and how they will complete all rituals and burn the body

The little interesting part was that, as the law of physics, the law of these Pandits is not the same. Different Pandits have their own rules and regulations.

The younger son who had already broken into pieces was being killed from inside by these Pandit’s insincere talks. 

Now it was around 10:30. 

Her younger son wants to go airport to pick up his elder brother but everyone was unwilling to send him. 

Everyone was saying, “We’ll send someone else to pick him up, you rest at home” But this time her younger son was adamant. 

Maybe because he wanted to support his brother as soon as possible, and he can’t wait another 3 hours to meet his brother. 

So now everyone had to give up, one cousin was sent with the younger son to pick up the elder son from airport. 

His flight landed at 3:45 and both brothers met at around 4:15.

“Bhaiya! Mummy ko chale jane do, wo bhut pain me thi. Me unke pass hi tha, wo bhut jyda pain me thi”

Both the brothers were consoling each other. 

Around 7 am they came home. Her elder son was willing to see her but her younger son was stopping him. 

He didn’t want that his brother makes a deep impression of her dead face. 

That’s the reason, her younger son didn’t see her face after her death. 

Now, everyone started the process fast to burn the body, maybe there were very tired by now and wanted to take a rest. 

“Tuje Dag lagana ha, Sare bal katwane pdenge” Her husband son to the younger son. 

“Main nahi katwaunga” He said angrily. 

But her elder son agreed to do this. 

Everyone was like, “kesa ladka ha, Maa ke liye Bal ni katwa skta.”

Maybe they didn’t know, her younger son had a habit of making a deep impression of every incident, if he cut all his hairs, it will always remind him about his mother’s death. 

Now, everyone was set to carry the body from home to the cemetery. In 2-3 hours all the rituals completed now they had to bathing and barkatta (haircut ritual). 

It was that day necessary because tomorrow was Thursday and according to Pandits it was not a good day. 

Everyone completed bathing, her younger son was roaming alone. 

He was trying to figure out, what happened in the last 48 hours. Has her mother really died or was that just a long bad dream. 

He didn’t know anything.

They came home. 

Her husband, Younger son, and elder son was sitting with some Pundits cum Gentlemen. 

“5 din me hi arishti kar dete ha, phir sab is kam se free ho jaayenge”

“Jyda logo ko bulana ni ha, bas ghar ke log hi ho jaayenge, aur khane me bhi jyda chize nhi banwayenge”

“Tu ab jldi se bacho ki shadi ka dekh, ab kam ni chal payega”

Many advices was coming from all directions. 

Her younger son, who was too sensitive to hear this, got up and came outside of home. Her elder brother also companied him. 

“Bhaiya, Bhaiya, pta nahi kya ho raha ha, esa lag rha ha, me sans ni le pa raha hu”

Although he was alright, but he had seen her mother breaking her breaths, and this was going all his mind. 

Finally, it was around 7 pm, everyone had gone their home except her husband is sister. 

Who didn’t go because of cooking, as there was no one who can cook at home. 

“Nahi photo ko rakh do, photo nahi lagega” Her younger son shouted” He saw his father was picking a picture from a box to make a frame of her picture, maybe so everyone can easily pay homage.

Next day, 

” 8 gadde le ayenge, gents yaha baith jayenge aur ladies yaha baith jayengi, tum dono idhar hi baithe rhna” Her husband said

“Koi aaye to chai ke puch lena aur pani le aana”

“Aaj Thursday ha, aj aram krna aj koi nahi ayega”

Her husband was continuously giving instructions to his sons. 

“Jijai, Chai ke sath nashta mat do, acha nhi ha, bas chai hi de diya kro”

Someone said. 

“Keval chai dena sahi nhi ha, jo bhi hua, but nashta bhi diya jayega, varna acha nhi lagega

Someone else said. 

With spicy, salty, and sweet comments 12 days passed and now it was the final day. 

“Bade log to ghar ka bana khana hi khayenge, halwai ka khana bache kha lenge”

Her husband’s elder brother advised. 

“Are, aj Pandit ji ka to fast ha, unke liye fast ka khana banana pdega”

So all kinds of food cooked for different people and they eat. 

It was around 4 pm, most of the relatives had gone, but some so-called family members remain, including her husband’s both brother and their wife and kids. 

“Ab ghar ka hissa kar lete ha, tm phir tod ke ghar bana loge, aur bacho ki shadi ho jayegi”

As her husband was poor and his home was too old and was breaking from many places. 

“Hum iske bare me bad me bat kr lenge” Her husband said

“Bad me kyu, ab sab baithe ha, ab hi bat kr lete ha” Her husband’s brother said

It was kinda irony that both the brother were rich and had their home, but they still wanted 1/3 part from this home. 

“Tu bata, tu kese chahta ha, kon sa part tujhe chahiye”

“Hum abhi sahi condition me nahi ha, iske bare me bad me dekhe lenge, abhi rhne do.”

Although they were unwilling to end the meeting but they had to end for now. 

So finally all the family members went their home, and now there were only three people at HER home, her husband, her younger son, and her elder son. 

I’m the younger son. 

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