Role of the mother in shaping the character of a child is very important . I can clear it with an example of my own life . 


I was a small innocent child

It was the time when a child does not know what is right and what is wrong

 what the child carries in his early life causes a great impact on his mind and lasts forever.


I lived in a joint family. We stayed in a room which was joined to my uncle’s room. At that time we used cots to sleep. I went to my uncle’s room and saw a 25 paise coin near the court. I picked It up and went to my mother, my mother gave me a small slap. It was perhaps the first and the last time she slapped me, otherwise she never slapped us

” My Brother and Me”. Then she told me not to take away anybody’s belongings because it is called stealing which is a bad virtue. Whenever I Remember this incident I Bow my head in the feet of my mom, who tells me what is right and what is wrong. 


Hare Krishna


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