Marriage is a happy celebration with two families becoming each others for life time.But it involves women of different up bringing, different fashion sense and different tastes aswelll as budgets to find a common ground in choosing Sarees( clothes) of mutual choice! Most women are extremely choosy and fussy about the kind of Sarees they ll wear ,the design ,the pattern ,the colour ,the look and ofcourse the attraction quotient aswell as exclusive delicate and Stand alone look make the Vibrant festivities of a marriage a huge breeding ground of misjudging ,critisising ,arguing and making a life time issue about it. There i dont think is any marriage i know where the would be groom’s mother, sister ,bhaabee ,mamee,mausi ,nani, chachi or next door neighbour never criticized the quality and pattern of Saree they got as a wedding gift from the Brides side. The newly wed girl is then made to hear a lot of unpleasant and heart aching stuff against her family standard ,choices and tastes! Usualy the sensitive groom side takes would be bride to choose her choice sarees before marriage and the not so sensitive ones pay 100 rs advance at saree shop of their choice ,book a saree and tell the girls side to pick that piece aswell as reimburse 100 rs to them! What a pathetic and sad situation, how vulnerable a girl even if she is highly educated and earning feels for being a female and making her Father face all this! In my case though my inlaws family was extremely non greedy aswelll very educated to demand even a single penny of cash or kind ,but there extreme Finnicy behaviour aswell habit to exchange everything atleast 4 times and then take the originally closen product really disturbed our mental sanity! Like a cultured family they said dont display the gifts on Engagement or sagan but give us before the function to distribute among our relatives ( which we did.)They read labels of shops on shopping bags and went to exchange clothings to buy designs and patterns of their choice ! The art of communication is what the families lacked ,so asking the shopkeeper how much we paid for all the Sarees and him being known to our family and calling us to ask what price does he qoute arose so many negative emotions and pain in the heart just 2 days before the Engagement! Anyways we asked shopkeeper to exchange the sarees and give them clothes of their choice! Has such confusion and pain happened in your marriage too?