Tarnaapo Eo Hi Geyo Lio Jaraa Tan Jeet |

Kaho Naanak Bhaj Har Manaa Audh Jaat Hai Beet | 3 |

Years of youthfulness has gone in greedy charm,

Now old age has won, and diseases thy body and mind harm.

O mind, says Naanak, Lord’s name please remember!

Lifespan will end, thy body will lie in under-ground chamber.


Guru Ji is warning us about how life is fragile and, yet crucial. In this life we can achieve anything we wish, but Guru Ji says to focus mainly on remembering God’s name to become a Gurmukh (whose mind’s face is turned towards Guru or wisdom), or as Bhagavad Gita defines Sthithpraygya (whose wisdom is centered towards Divine), because it is the only thing that gives an actual peace, all world maybe important, but we must remember it is just temporary (with our bodily death all disappears). For example, a child enjoys playing with a toy for a moment, then few hours later the same toy does not satisfy his mind, he/she craves for something else. Guru Ji thus says life is passing second after second, therefore achieve this important goal, otherwise we will suffer because of our tendencies and diseases as we always have since the time we were born: with fleeting memories of joy and a lot of sadness. Live every moment in remembrance of God before our body betrays us. He especially says life is precious like a diamond.

We spend our youth in going from here to there to gather objects, work, and people. All these things and people certainly are noble and important in one’s life, at the same time we must give time to our spiritual practices. If people are not worth our time, we can stay away from them, but we must not keep any hatred towards them. Hence, Guru Ji says that we in our youth become forgetful of Lord’s name and time and live a restless life. Now that old age is coming, at least now we must give time to sing Lord’s Name, and to pray.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji presses on the concept of Lord’s Name is person’s true wealth, that a person becomes a good human, virtuous, egoless.

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