Red juicy Tomatoes loaded with spices ,vinegar snd sugar packed on most tempting transparent bottles…
Is that Tomato Sauce or Tomatoe ketchup? How would a meal at Mac Donald ,Burger king or Pizza hut taste without fresh, smooth juicy,tangy and mouth watering Tamater ki chutney or Tomatoe ketchup? Even halwaaees,thelewalas ,movie hall vendors and dhaabe waalas serve small sachets of Sauce with Bread pakora ,samosa ,Maggie ,Bhajiya or Omlett bread! The humble jugaroo house wives do use this Sauce of Maggi ,Kissan ,Creamica or Veeba in Rajma ,chhole ,aur shahi paneer gravies to give them that restaurant look! 30 years back clubs and high end fancy restaurants used to serve Ketchup with chips or club Sand whiches and Cutlets but Indian Chatori Zuban( greedy tongue) made the Petrol of all fast foods a must have in each house hold! Where as all Ketchups are Sauce ,not all sauces are ketchup! Does any one know the difference? If yes do write in comments and if no please tell what all u have it with ? Is it on bread or aloo prantha???

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