JOMO- Joy of missing Out. Feeling content with staying in and disconnecting as a form of self-care.



Right from the childhood we have been fighting and struggling to survive. An individual’s life is always full of fun, fight, love, hate and other emotions but seldom is when we shift from what we want to do from what we must do (Copied from Swami’s Discourse).

Let divide our life:

Childhood up to 5 years:

Right from getting conceived in your mother’s womb to the day you take birth we fight for survival. And after birth we must fight to adjust in this world, requirement change everyday to the struggle to stand on your feet to saying the first word, sentence, and story. Proving ourselves in the admission to a play school and learning the idol ethics which are required to be cute angel.

Kindergarten 5 to 12 Years

This is the time to fight for your grades and the way I am seeing my son, the competition is increasing day and night. Right sentences, a seven-year-old required to learn tables till 5 imagine the level of competition and the pressure of parents to be great in every activity. It is tough and we as parents make it more tough for these kids, (But Kya Karen ye dil mange more, need of the hour name it as you want).

Teenager 13 to 19 Years

Raging hormones, changing attitude know all not listening to anyone. Competition increase pressure mounts and needs change. Still, we are the busiest in the world at this age.

Free bees 20 to 30 Years

Time to take the wisest decision of life these are the decisions which either make you or break you. Life won’t be smooth and thigs won’t be same. Every mindful decision taken at this age is the best ones.

Earners 30 to 60 years

If you take the right decision at the later stage, then this stage of life will be fruitful and ever happy. We earn, we spend, and we make investments.

Dependents above 60 years

This is the age when we usually start giving ourselves the time which should have been given to oneself at every year of our life. We think because we haven’t given enough thought on this throughout our life. These years can be the best in life, and these can be the days which can you the best of memories. The time spent with kids and grandkids.


If an individual is taught to be happy from the very beginning of life. The kids need to be taught the difference between what they want to do and what they must do. If they learn this from a very young age it will become their second habit and they will learn to mange their time effectively.

Thus, if not earlier, do make it a practice that you give yourself that quality time that everyone needs to be happy in life. Start with at least 5 minutes every night before sleep.