Hey Murlidhar ,hey damodar,Krishna muraari  hey Ratnakar! Bhool gaye kyaa bintee sun kar hey Manmohan ,Hey Karunagar ?Andhiyaare Mei ghiri hui hoo,Hey Gopaala! Jyoti punj bankar raah dikhaao hey Nand lala! Kaise Paar karoongi tum bin Jeevan saagar, Hey mansagar, hey Kanha  !           Does it often happen to you that Swamiji hides from your thoughts? Or you don’t feel that warmth  longing ,rememberance, attraction or goose bumps, Or no bhaav ,no tears of devotion and no inclination to read his books or os.me blogs or even watch his you tube vedios!Has he stopped coming in dreams too? Do you feel disconnected and lost at that times and even feel lost ,abandoned or uneasy and not receiver of grace from Swamiji? Does your mind then play the blame and guilt game of telling you that because you are not as hard working, sincere  truthful  kind ,compassionate or simple minded that’s why you are a Sinner or low vibration being to deserve Swamiji s grace and Guidance! When going to ashram for retreat or attending his book launch do you want to sit in first row to have his Darshan? ( or make him have your darshan) , Does his not looking at you or smiling at you or giving you a puzzled look make you really feel very low? A non chanting of mantras or non use of black lotus or few times coming to os.me aswell our inability to visit ashram or attend Swamiji s live zoom meetings doesn’t make us an unworthy recipient of his Love, Grace and Guidance! If you are a parent or you have parents, then would they get indifferent to you if you don’t study/ work hard? Or go to a hostel/ other city and not talk to them  or if you don’t press their feet ,hug them or say flowery words to them, will they ever abandon you? SWAMIJI claimed he is our Spiritual father, then can he ever ever ever stop loving and caring for  us? Smile  smile ,smile…we are His.