1. I had an arranged marriage 22 years back but as Swamiji says there r still some haunting memories stored in some box of my brain which when ever opened, stink. So thought of unwinding them  here .Like most to be married young girls on suggestions of my newly wed cousins and freinds and inspired by Bolywood / Hollywood  I too bought some satin material pink ,Lemmon ,black, maroon and peach coloured night wear with fairy laces and butter fly sleeves ! Since I went to marry out of station at my inlaws location , I took these 4 piece night wear along with a pair of furry slipp onns to look dazzling and feel warm in winter( we got married on 9 th December), next day when I was making a bag to be carried to a hotel where we were given a Golden night complimentary for organizing our wedding there as a gift ,I picked a sleep wear and Brown Rabbit look alike slippers too .My husband came and seeing what I was packing bluntly said ,” I don’t like this Shiney and flowy stuff” as well as he disapproves any night wear telling better be presentable and wear Punjabi suit while sleeping than a nighty which according to his mental conditioning either looks like pregnancy wear or maternity wear aswell night suits he finds like Quaudi number 420, For furry slippers he found them like a sleeping irritating Dog! So he immideately called his mom and said ,”she dresses up like Bolywood Hellen/ Bindu and made me give all my unworn ,in packing nighties and so lovingly bought foot wear to her.She too dint say or guide him against it and accepted it gleefully. Obviously I din’t object, cry or make a ruckus, I was not that happy though! It was quite shocking then, I was not as detached aswell as I was fond of material things too back then! It’s now that I have completely accepted for his happiness and home peace the kind of clothes he likes me to wear aswell with Swamiji s coming it’s no more exploitation or adjustment but a wise choice ! But still when I remember this incident I m still not as neutral aswell when some would be brides go to shop for themselves, this incident again gets fresh in my untamed mind! Thought maybe writing  it here will push it out of my system!

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