Hello… today I’ll share a list of very beautiful flowering plants that you can grow in your garden very easily 😊

1) Hibiscus

hibiscus produces red, large and beautiful flowers that are popular throughout india because they are easy to grow… they are offered to nearly every god and goddess…it is said that devi loves to wear a garland of red hibiscus flowers😁 you can easily grow them from cuttings πŸ˜ƒ

Some beautiful flowers 2

2) Marigolds

marigolds are my favorite flowers because they require minimum care and they grow easily and produce large and vibrant flowersπŸ₯° they are sun loving plants and you can grow them easily from seeds πŸ˜ƒ

Some beautiful flowers 3

3) water lillies

water lillies require very small ponds and they grow beautifully…water lilies are vibrant and colourful and can grow easily from seeds and cuttings 😁

Some beautiful flowers 4

4) Aparajita

Aparajita (butterfly pea) produces Violet flowers that are offered to many gods…it has miraculous medicinal properties…(have you heard about butterfly pea tea?) they produce a large amount of seeds in pea like seed pods… there are 2 flower types… violet and white 😁

Some beautiful flowers 5

5) Mandaar

mandaar or calotropis produces fragrant flowers in clusters… they are easily available to everyone because they grow in every part of india 😁

Some beautiful flowers 6

6) Kadamba

kadamba is very popular in kerala and Karnataka… it produces large ball like fragrant flowers in clusters and it can easily grow from seeds πŸ˜‡

Some beautiful flowers 7

7) ParijaatΒ 

parijaat plant has white ,small fragrant flowers which bloom at night and in the morning they offer themselves to mother earth 😊 it produces a lot of seeds and it’s very popular in north india… 😁

Some beautiful flowers 8

other flowers like roses grow from cuttings but that procedure is very difficult and requires a lot of patience and care… chrysanthemums also grow from seeds and are annual flowering plants 😁

Thank you very much for reading my post πŸ™πŸ˜‡

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