Wow!!!! Listening to ancient stories, in Hindi  called kathas (कथा), spread out in so many forms in various holy books has always been quite mesmerising for me. These days You Tube is a handy medium to reach that wealth.  At times my mind and intellect would dilute its taste (रस ) by putting question marks .

No more dilution or say pollution of mind, as today onwards  it is no more superficial for me. A deep, sort of permanent, feeling (भाव ) has emerged inside today, replacing superficiality with originality and authenticity.  Perhaps this is how bit by bit, piece by piece,  transformation happens and one fine day a completely transformed version of us takes over.

 Today this has become my own wisdom/experience that actually  scriptures (ancient stories)  are capable of transforming us.  It is to teach us spiritual lessons in a language that our present being can relate to.  Hence, everything is personified, given names and narrated in story form.  Somewhere DHARMA is personified as mongoose, somewhere else  GANGA gets a name and body, and thousands and thousands more of such  narrations.

Today I learnt this  lesson from one of such stories—

Spiritual tests are conducted from time to time, in the form of  TOUGH CIRCUMSTANCES, ROUGH SITUATIONS, HARSH HAPPENINGS. 

Now, how do we face them and react/respond to these situations would determine our spiritual success. And if those ancient stories are to be believed, our next birth totally depends on our present actions and reactions.

Let me expand with an example— a brahmin offers his own food to a beggar standing on his door. Beggar asks for more and brahmin gives his wife’s part as well. Still asking for more, he gives even his children’s part to the beggar.  Now the beggar unveils his real  identity and says he actually is DHARMA and was taking his spiritual test in which he passed with distinction.  This brahmin, in next life is born as a king.  All the beneficiaries ( याचक ) are satiated with his exuberant ways of giving alms, yet the king’s wealth never finishes. He is ever super wealthy and keeps on donating more and more and still more.

Such are our spiritual tests and exams and this is how the marking takes place.

 Now, I have started to enjoy my spiritual study notes. I will read them diligently and be more conscious, more mindful,  while sitting in a spiritual test.

We are all mere instruments of Divine and this universe, the   whole kaynaat (कायनात ), is nothing but HIS playground. 

💞💞लीला कलृप्तब्रह्माण्डमण्डला 💞