We have a neighbor, whose wealth is on a uptrend always and flashes it every time his family gets a chance. The wealth of him is not legal, it’s through land litigations dating back to many years wherein some signatures had been missed. This annoys me and also makes me feel at times, I haven’t have created enough wealth so as to feel equal or superior with the people around me. I also felt, may be god is unkind to my family, he has not bestowed enough wealth upon us. This thought used to pop up now and then for many years, and I never discussed this with my family. My family thinks, I don’t care for wealth and I am not serious on many things that matter in life, I just do office work, take care of my responsibilities and stop there. There has been no growth in terms of wealth, that makes us some kind of don’t care in the society. In terms of wealth, currently there’s nobody below us in our family lineage. We are the benchmark!!!. Few people tend to measure your success by the wealth you have created or inherited. Is that all you have to judge a person ?

Most of the times I have felt and I still feel, I am blessed and so is my family, God has bestowed us minimal common sense, able to distinguish right and wrong, he has given us education, I am able to graduate and find a decent job and take care of my family and at times even help my extended family with whatever I can. He has enabled me to do good things, to be kind to people and respect them and not ill treat them. He has given me power to think. He has really been kind, I believe this completely.

Whenever you think, God has been unkind, you also need to think of the people who don’t have a roof of themselves and everybody has forgotten them and are on themselves. Think of the people who cannot visit a doctor and even buy a medical pill. Think of the people who cannot read or write. Think of the people who doesn’t have a relative or a friend when in need. I am not suggesting to benchmark you with not well off people, It’s just that god has been kind to everybody who can earn for his family and take care of them.

Wealth is not the only parameter to evaluate success of a human life. Where were you few years back and where do you stand now, think of the hardships of your parents went through, their struggles to bring up children. On those things, we are really better. When you plot your graph, you also see an uptrend. It may not be a exponential growth for everybody, it still moves upwards when you weigh all the parameters of a human life, that is where the god will pull you. He will not put you down. I am personally convinced.

God, for me is the inherent power of the universe which has manifested into us to propagate goodness and also that power which enables people to be kind, compassionate and polite.