“Are parents alone instrumental in giving birth to an offspring?”.

Medical Sciences claim that for a new being to come into existence, there has to be a mating between male and female, an effective fertilization between the sperm and egg has to take place.

My view point however is that these claims by the medical fraternity are partially baseless, do not show the other side of the coin.

With the following two observations of mine, I intend to puncture the inflated egos of some people who proclaim themselves as “proud parents”.

(1) All the living beings, including humans, are largely hollow.
Just observe your throat, lungs, nostrils – they are all empty. Our bones, eye sockets are largely hollow.
Can anything come out of void ? No!
If you believe otherwise, I am sorry to say that you are a hollow head.

(2) Parturition in this world normally takes place in three ways:

(a) From the womb as in case of mammals like human beings.
(b) From the eggs as in case of reptiles like snakes.
(c) From the seeds as in case of plants.

Well, there is yet another bizarre way in which birth takes place.
Take a fresh slice of bread. Put it in a bottle, seal it properly. After few weeks, open the bottle. You will see some worms appearing amazingly in a tightly sealed bottle!

From where have these creatures come from?

On whose fiat, the new life comes out from the womb, from the eggs or from the seeds?

Stop advertising yourselves as “proud parents”.

Recognize the fact that you’re merely an “apparatus” through which He executes His will.

Just as death is an enigma, believe me, a new life sprouts mysteriously, only at His order.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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