This story is my personal true Story of class 7th when I was studying in school. 

During our mid-term, we have a regular practice of completing our notebook and checking it from the subject teacher. My friend let’s say Ketan took the notes from me to complete his books. In the notes there was a subject of Hindi, as in every school there is one strict teacher in my case it was Hindi teacher her name was Sunita coincidently my mother name is also Sunita.

Ketan complete each subject and returned me the notes from time to time and the day of checking was near and coming. Among the 5 subject notebooks which he took from me, he returned 3 notebooks. After a few days, he returned the notes and the day of the checking was yet to come two weeks were there for that day!

Finally, the day came for the Hindi subject, Ma’am called my name and I observed suddenly that the notes were missing from my bag. I told ma’am I am extremally sorry I forgot and that I will show you the notes in the next period and I got a full philosophical lecture on principles, and disciplines from her and a big warning from her.

I rushed home after School, and checked everywhere but couldn’t find the notes. I called Ketan but his phone was not reachable. I went to his house since he stays near to my home, Finally, I got relieved by seeing him. I asked him please check whether you have my notes. He bluntly Said “no”.

I asked him repeatedly, “please bro tell me”. He was certain with his reply that “I have returned you all the notes”. That time I started panicking. I went home and checked everywhere and couldn’t find it and then I burst and started crying like hell. My parents and sibling asked me about the issue and I explained them and we all searched the whole house but couldn’t find the notes.

I was tensed, that tomorrow is going to be my last day on the whole earth. I am going to be executed on my Hindi period lecture. So I was stuck in a situation where there was no hope, no way and no direction in my life. 

We have a pooja room in our house so I went there and sat before the holy images and prayed before them to help me. I was sitting there for almost 1 hour and my mom was cooking dinner, Dad was in his room watching TV and my sisters were studying.

Suddenly my mom went to the fridge which was beside the pooja room and took something from it and close it. 

At that time when all my hopes were shattered, I was depressed from inside asking the holy spirit to help me. At that time I heard a sound. The sound of falling something like a box or pillow or thing on the Ground. I thought from my gut that I should check this sound. I went into the kitchen I checked near the fridge what could have fallen but couldn’t find anything. Suddenly I observed that in between the fridge and the back wall there is a thin gap in which there is something. 

Yes! I saw the book. My Hindi book. My lifesaver. My happiness.

I always keep this incident in my life to know that if “We pray we get happiness”

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