Winter is my favorite season. I’m the happiest creature (besides birds, chickens and dogs) you’d find waking around the streets & gardens at 5:30! Living in Rajasthan, where the summer mercury of 49 takes out the life from you, I think loving winters is natural for us.

I woke up today at 6, and quickly after the morning routine I went out on my balcony. The Sun was just about to rise (those of you who’ve seen the sun rise for straight 5mins, know how it’s one of the best feelings in the world). Those who haven’t yet, well there’s a bucket list right?

I took a deep breath and smiled. As I watched him, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind-screen…

Yesterday, how I talked rudely & even shouted at my father, how my Mom’s finger got burned and I didn’t help her to serve the food, how much anger I felt towards 2 ENT doctors I consulted yesterday for my ear/hearing troubles, their ignorant, indifferent & unhelping faces, the rage I felt to change the world…. 

Then some sadness and tears

And a lot of medicines for my ears!! 

(Haha, it rhymes!) 

All of this played like a reel. I sighed & smiled more, felt a lot of love for myself, for my father (who just waved hi at me from 7 floors down, happily running around with our dog).

I felt a lot of gratitude for a close friend, who has been there for me

Through goods and bads,

Seen my joys and sads.  

(Ah! The poet in me!)

Something just filled me up from inside, I folded my hands & said “Thank You” to the Sun. I prayed & expressed my gratitude by speaking out to him, assured that he was listening.

I prayed:

“O Dear Sun, I want to wake up every morning after a good night’s sleep, and see you Rise. And I love you for giving us light.”

As as I completed my prayer, the ever chattering mind came to life again.

I wondered…

The Sun can’t be a Man, right?

Sun must be a Woman…

Sun must be a woman 

Burning herself

Incessantly & lovingly

To give her children

Light & hope

Every single day

Selflessly, sacrifying!


Aren’t these the very attributes of a woman? 

Do you also think…

 The sun must be a woman?


*And yeah, that’s today’s picture of the Sun from my balcony (and I can’t be more grateful)*


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