Swami ji often narates story of a Huge monk making an old woman cross the road just to register a RAK even when she dint want to! Yesterday that Monk was caught red handed! Here is how… Being a contestant in black Lotus championship program,light workers watts app group, os.me and an active you tube commentor of Swami ji s vedios ,your favourite Monk ( monkey 🐒) has come to be known as Swami Ji’s Narda who has most news about Swami ji and who connects Many co seekers with each other just out of love of it! In this childish excitement and hurry an irresponsible behaviour of not asking the person to be connected or helped ,weather it will be intruding his/ her privacy or self respect by sharing their contact information or need for work has been often unintentionally shared by this SAPA( self appointed personal assistant) of Swami ji! https://youtu.be/zNi6p9T1iEg you must have guessed by now who the Monk(ey ) is! Any Guess?