Children of ages 3-4 have always amazed me at their different learning outcome. Some children are visual learner’s, some auditory and yet others are kinesthetic  learner’s.

I worked as a kindergarten teacher for 29 long years. The most enjoyable and memorable years which I spent with these kids has left me feeling like a child myself. One thing which always intrigued me was why some children were not at all  ready in their reading, writing and math skills even with all help given to them.

That curiosity led me to study a course in Special Education so I catch such kids from their early age help them so that as they progressed to higher classes it could help them. I started doing remedials in the Brindavan School which offers after school remedials for slow learner’s. This helped me identify children who needed extra help and support in a regular class room scenario.

My memory goes back 20years when this child Deepa was admitted in my class, rather a very shy and timid child.Deepa hardly spoke and her class work would begin complete and even any amount of talking to her I could hardly get few words out of her. She would just smile and stare at me. Talking to her parents I got to know that she was rather a bully at home and spoke a lot. Anyway I just let that be and accepted what she did in class.

11years later I met her father and asked him how Deepa was doing. To my surprise I got to know that her mother has passed on due to cancer, and that Deepa had stopped studying at 9th grade due to fear, anxiety and depression as the teachers were complaining about her work. I asked her father to bring Deepa next day to  Brindavan School to try and see if she could get her some help and complete her studies doing NIOS(home  schooling). Deepa came the next day seeing me there she felt better and gave me a broad smile. The councillor’s there convinced her to join back and she agreed. Deepa not only finished her 10 but 12th grade also, became school head girl and staged a play for graduation day for which I was invited. Deepa has successfully finished graduation with a commerce background and is now working in a reputed firm in Bangalore.

As a teacher I want every teacher to be more sympathetic towards children as we don’t know what they are going through at home.



A- adorable

C- compassionate

H- helpful



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