Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ignited a revolution of ‘education to all’ irrespective of which caste, social class, creed and stature that they belong to in the society. He himself was very poor and he came from a very backward area of Rameshwaram city in Tamil Nadu. His life journey is itself a mirror to the revolution that he started and his revolution has also shown results. As many teachers, professors and educational organizations have become a part of his revolution. Many students who were not able to get admission in schools earlier are not only getting admissions but also study material along with other facilities. This has contributed in these students becoming very valuable citizens of our country and they are really making a mark in fields like finance, technology, armed services, businesses, civil services, science and even teaching. We are all witnessing this revolution in front of our eyes and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has a very huge role to play in it. 

I really feel very strongly about the cause of education to all. Education should be available to everyone because education is freedom. A person who is educated is free to start a business, get a job or they can even teach students by becoming a teacher. 

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