I am not saying again, be greedy, etc., that’s another topic here. It happens, you get a game, and there are many left, but you are happy. If you aren’t happy, you will ask to buy one more gift, and then you will even lose that gift. It means not asking for more even when you have. It is okay to ask when you don’t have.

Here is a super story: 

Once, two men were walking in the dessert with a donkey carrying a lot of luggage. They thought to stop and take a rest. They both started to quarrel about sitting in the donkey’s shadow. The quarrel became too big and they both started to fight. The donkey got up and ran away. They both got hurt by beating each other and there was no shadow for anyone.
This is what we get when we strive for more. They stopped for rest, but wanted the shadow and rest, so they lost the donkey and luggage.

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