I have been practising the “RARE” goal in the Black Lotus App for about 6 cycles. There is a feature in it to express gratefulness. They ask you to write about  persons or things we have been grateful for. In my life the list is very long .There have been moments( a lot of)  when someone helped me.  I am grateful to many people.  I was just waiting for an opportunity for a very long time to say this magical word “Thank You”. Before I say thank you, let us read this beautiful  story I came across.

     On the morning of his 5oth birthday a prosperous merchant sprang out of bed with a grin. Singing and whistling, he saddled his favorite ox and dressed in his finest robes.

" Where are you goingso early?" Inquired his wife.  "Today  I am fifty and grateful," he laughed. " Today I shall ride back down the road and thank all the ones who made such a difference in my life." Hearing this, the merchant's wife threw herself on the rug and burst into tears. 

" Why so sad?" he asked.

" The road back is long," she cried. "You will never return."

It's true. The road back is long and gets longer every year -- but most of us would take it if we could.  Along the way we would meet anew all the good people who made such a difference in our lives. 

  Did someone walk you home from school when you were little? Who sat up with you all night when you were sick? Who taught you how to catch a fish, or kick the ball, or carry a tune? Who talked you out of quitting the team, or talked you into getting a degree? Who gave you your first break, or your first order, or bet on your company,  or told you how good you could really be?

      Who cheered you on when you were winning, or cheered you up when you were down? Who thought of you when everyone else was thinking of themselves?

   For me the road is back long, and some of these people are gone now. Did I thank them? I don't know. I don't think so. I meant to. 

 The above story was given by Dan Zadra. 

   During my initial years, I seldom used the word thank you or have been grateful for all the beautiful things in my life. It was  the year 2013, when I first came across Swamiji’s video on Durga Saptashati- The esoteric  meaning. From then on, I used to follow his blogs and you tube videos. I can firmly say that it is Swami ji who has showed me the way on how to be grateful? From then on I never miss an opportunity to say Thank you and  I think the appropritate time has come. Yesterday (07th June 2021) as it was a 10 year anniversary since Swami ji started writing his blog, I came to know through this post today and also that’s its been one year since Swami ji opened this wonderful place for us to write.

  In the Bible 20:35, Jesus Christ has himself said that “It is more blessed to give than to receive” This  captures true meaning of the words “Thank you.” When a thank you is delivered with heartfelt feelings and put into words, it makes an indelible impression that is stored in one’s memory bank forever. Being grateful changes you as a person lot better. I can vouch for that.

So today I want you to make a list of people whom you consider important in your life. This lists can include your father,  mother, grandfather, grandmother teacher, friends, your romantic love and many more. Each one of them deserves a thank you. You can express your thanks by writing them a letter, Email, preparing a card, buying a gift for them and there a lot of ways in which you can say thank you to them. Saying thanks is not hard at all, you will be surprised that the pay off is great. It’s one of life’s little details that makes each day a little  more meaningful and a lot more fun. 

My list of saying thanks starts here, it’s a very long one, bear with me,

I thank Sri Hari for introducing me to the epitome of love —Om Swami ji.

I am grateful to all those disciples who lovingly, tirelessly take care of Swami ji.

I am thankful to the os.me team of developers who help maintaining this our wonderful  community. 

I thank all the people  who were the source of the Black Lotus App.

During the Black Lotus event which was taken place in the ashram, I missed the opportunity to say thanks to all the loving people who were there.  Thanks a lot to the  team of which I was a member there. Thanks a lot Kavita ji, Anu ji,Anamika ji , Shalu ji, Aditya singh ji, captain ji (sorry I don’t remember his name)  for the beautiful train journey  from Chandigarh to Delhi. Those were the wonderful moments I wish to cherish them again and again.

Thanks a lot for the Divine Mother’s Love What’s app group where we daily get beautiful interpretation of Maa Lalitambika’s Divine names by beautiful people like Sandhya Shivakumar ji, Ravi Trivedi ji,Mansi ji and dates of Abhishekam  by Dipti ji .

Thanks a lot for the beautiful YouTube channel Jaganmata Pahimam where we can listen to various topics like the interpretation of Maa Lalitha’s 1000 names, Tripura Rahasya, Shyamala Dandakam, on depression, on surrender, on the Bhakti of Lord Hanuman ji, on Bhavani Ashtakam etc all these in loving voice of Anu ji.

Thanks a lot Sri Devi ji for the beautiful rendering on Mahishasura Mardini Stotram on her YouTube channel and thanks a lot the Guru toons. I enjoy them a lot.

Thanks a lot Komal, Anu ji, Meera ji  for the beautiful  dancing sessions.

Thanks a lot Swati ji for your beautiful bhajans

Thanks a lot Sadhvi Shraddha ji for beautiful renderings on Maa.

Thanks a lot Kirtee ji,  Sushree Diya ji, Divya Manoharan ji, for sharing your experiences.

Thanks Swami ji for bringing Meera ji into my life as a friend , more like my mother she supported me and listened to my all worries. Even though we have not met face to face she is always there for me, Like Swami ji.

Thanks a lot Medha ji, for introducing the writing competition for us. I enjoyed it .

Thanks a lot for the writers who write on os.me and the commentators who comment on them. 

A special thanks to all the readers who will continue this chain of Thank You’s  and spread kindness around the world making it a better place to live. 

 I am grateful to all of you.

Living a life filled with with a generous spirit offers  endless rewards. Find someone in your life who deserves a thank you, needs a hug, or a kind word and discover the real meaning of thanks. It’s a lifelong love affair with caring, kindess and the ability to truly appreciate others and let them know. In return you will discover more of life’s little treasures. 

I  leave you with these beautiful quotes 

                               “The way is long- Let us go together.

The way is difficult- Let us help each other.

The way is joyful, Let us share it”   – Joyce Hunter


                                                                Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one’s self.

We must be purposely kind and generous or we miss the best part of existence – Horace Mann


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