Dear Goddie, Real lesson a gift dreams parenthood and ignorance understood the hard way

Most of us are wearing crown of neurones, have firm stature of bones, flesh and all necessary systems well-placed. We do not need to switch on our lungs to pull the oxygen and pump our hearts. We do not need to switch on the entire digestive system before we take our meals. Rather most of us don’t even know how many functions are manoeuring automatically within.

Most of us have plenty of air to breathe-in, water, food, clothes and space to survive. Most of us, rather all of us have opportunities to rise above, from base-level living to super consciousness. Originally, each being is combination of five elements, ratio may vary therein. Each limb, every sheath and every bit of energy within, rather each cell of us is replica of the Universe.

All gifted.

Thank you, Goddie. Thank you so much for your incredible benefactions from the bottom of my heart.

Hearty regards.

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