Overthinking causes mental distress. When people say they “overthink” they mean that they are fixated on something, they have tunnel vision on an idea or problem, thinking about things out of their control and letting all of it interrupt their internal serenity. Everyone does it at least once in their lives. Thinking is a gift, but not many people use it for their own benefit.

Dissecting isn’t the same as overthinking. When you dissect you analyze every small detail to find a solution or to arrive at the truth. But when you overthink you find yourself stuck in the same place, not making any progress. It means dwelling on the problem, rather than solving it. Sounds useless, doesn’t it?

People are able to adapt to situations, but we sabotage our own ability to do so by limiting the range of possibilities we think about, or the opposite: think about the uncertainty in an unhealthy way that actually obstructs our decision making. Maybe not thinking at all is better at this point. Each time we worry, are stressed, feel down or become angered we are slowly killing ourselves, shortening our life span, so I think it’s a good idea to do that less.

What to do instead: Problem solve, analyze, self reflect, introspect and retrospect with a detached and rational approach. Ask yourself: “Is feeling like this worth it?”. Train yourself to believe that you can improvise and adapt. Keep in mind the abundance of possibilities but don’t go in detail and don’t fixate on it but rather fill your mind with whatever interests you or relaxes you.

Take note of what triggers your overthinking, and what it’s usually about. That will help you think of a way to stop, whether by avoiding the trigger or dealing with it directly.

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